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Ever heard of a tax efficient drill? We have. One of our clients owns a firm of builders. He needed to upgrade the hammer drills (we’re not sure either) his team used. We helped him decide which drill would reduce his tax liability. And his team got drills that are a little bit more fun to use.

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Nick Hawke

Estate Agent
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When we set up our business we couldn’t have done it without Peter and his team. Their expertise supported us through the often bewildering process of getting a solid bookkeeping system in place. They organise our PAYE, quarterly and yearly accounts and our payroll. In the ten years we’ve been with them there have been no suprises just proper, decent accountancy.

Louise Sklar

Hen & Stag events
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I’d recommend Peter Auguste & Co to any business that needs reliable, prompt service. I think without Peter and his team we probably wouldn’t be in business. They do all our accounting, VAT, PAYE; it’s just easier for me if they deal with the whole lot. They’re always on hand to answer any questions I have, offer tips and advice. They let me get on with the fun stuff; organizing cracking events for people who want to have experiences they’ll remember.

Adrian Shaw

Insurance Broker
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We actually started business at about the same time Peter set up his firm. That was back in the seventies! In all that time they’ve never dropped the ball. They do main accounting for a sole proprietor. As a broker we have to have 6 monthly figures for the FSA. Peter makes sure they’re always available. Totally approachable, absolutely knowledgable. 40 years in business with their support says it all!

Gary Dyson

Picture Framers
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We offer bespoke fine art solutions to clients including Tate Modern and the V&A. We needed an accountant who reflected the needs of a high-end business like ours. Peter Auguste & Co came to us through a client recommendation. Often the transition from one accountant to another can feel quite unnatural but Peter and his team filled us with confidence. In the 10 years we’ve been with them we have seen vertical growth leading to bigger premises, more staff and bigger decisions. Peter has always given us an accurate picture of how our business is doing. I don’t want to recommend them, they’ll be too busy!
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